About This Site

a) You can’t hire me to kill your husband. I won’t do it. Unless there’s already a life insurance policy and a nanny coming my way.

b) You can’t confess to killing your husband here.

c) Everything said here is meant to be funny. If you don’t find marriage funny, there’s nothing to see here.

d) The site is updated weekly. I wish it could be done more often, but the children I live with immediately try to kill themselves in my bathroom the instant my laptop is opened.

e) You can always contact me at imgonnakillhim AT gmail.com

f)  I love comments and I strive to reply to all. However, reference point d) again.

g) Lastly, this site is hopefully enjoyed by anyone regardless of gender, age, relationship status, but I write from the perspective of married folk.  If you’re still dating and complaining that he didn’t bring you to a hip restaurant, you’re going to have a tough time relating because we lovelorn wives haven’t been taken to a hip restaurant since before Zac Efron was born.