Get in the Drive-Thru

When a friend has a baby, she might ask you to pick up some groceries, or whip up a meal, or breastfeed her kid during the night shift – you know, depending on how close you are and the off-chance you’re lactating. If she’s a blogging friend, she’ll ask you write a guest post so that she can keep apace of the demands of a newly arranged family. There was not a moment of hesitation when The Flying Chalupa asked me to turn in a piece over the holidays because I owe her some favors as fair trade for the laughs she has given me. And, let’s be honest, no one entrusts holidays to me anyway. They don’t even let me handle scissors.

And because she is masterful at satire, it inspired a little something in me.

This is what I see in my future. And yours.

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