I’m On Vacation. Sort Of. Not At All.

I am not on vacation. I’ve just gone fishin’. Well, not even fishing since that requires boarding a boat, which I almost never do, or standing alongside a highway, which I never do after seeing Monster. But my friend, Rachel, from Mommy Needs A Vacation is, in fact, on vacation. In her stead, I have posted a list of the most essential travel tips when it comes to traveling with a man. Trust me, if you don’t do these , a TSA cavity check or an interminable delay on the runway will be the least of your worries.

Rachel, raise a glass for me, baby. And, the rest of you, snoop around. She’s a digital hoot.

(Did I say digital hoot?)

Take Me Away!

And if you missed my honeymoon piece that ran yesterday, it’s beneath this one. I did something bad. Bad.