I’m House Sitting and Having A Party!

It’s school vacation week, which means many of us are desperately trying to fill the school-less hours with bribes and threats. The rest of us are on the road with our families, desperately trying to pass the mileage with DVD players running dangerously short on batteries and a dwindling supply of chewing gum.

One of my favorite people on the web – and increasingly so in life – is also on vacation.  In her absence, The Flying Chalupa has given over her house keys and asked me to pick up after myself and leave a few things in the fridge. I’m over at her place today, trying on her clothes and wearing her makeup. My imagination started to wander, wondering what it might be like to be one of America’s most revered ladies….

Have a look around – she’s not home anyway – and put your feet up on her coffee table.  She’s one of the best stops on the internet because her humor operates on a level that even professionals can’t master.

Come on over, I’m heating up the pool!